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Prepaid Water Meter

GPRS Large Caliber Remote Pilot valve Prepaid Water Meter

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  • Large Caliber: Horizontally Dimension Parameter Type Size Length mm High mm Weight KG Connecting Flange GB/T17241.6-1998 Flange Outside Diameter Center Circle Diameter of Bolt Hole mm Single Side Bolt Number and Hole Diameter LXLC 40 200 20
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Large Caliber:Horizontally 
  • Dimension Parameter 
    Type Size Length mm High mm Weight
    Connecting Flange  GB/T17241.6-1998
    Flange  Outside Diameter Center Circle Diameter of Bolt Hole
    Single Side Bolt Number and Hole Diameter
    40 200 206 9.8 150 110 4-M16
    50 200 210 10.6 165 125 4-M16
    65 200 218 11.6 185 145 4-M16
    80 225/200 280 16.3 200 160 8-M16
    100 250 290 17.8 220 180 8-M16
    125 250 310 21.6 250 210 8-M16
    150 300 320 31.5 285 240 8-M20
    200 350 364 46 340 295 8-M20
    250 450 434/425 60 395 350 12-M20
    438/430 66 405 355 12-M20
    300 500 460/480   445 400 12-M20
    465/485   460 410 12-M20
    350 500 592   505 460 16-M24
    400 631 631   565 515 16-M24
    500 800 740   670 620 20-M24
Product  Features

1. Payment in advance, avoid debt.
2. High accuracy of measurement.
3.When the remaining water amount is equal to the alarm amount, valve failure once. when the remaining water is used up, water valve failure again and the user shall buy the water again
4. Valve automatic maintenance function: regular on-off valve. Avoid disgrace of the valve.
5. Waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-attack.
6.It is suitable for all kinds of environment. The surface valves can be treated by waterproofing, working in wet environment or underwater.


Large caliber prepaid water meter DN32 caliber can choose electric ball valve or pilot valve, battery power supply, suitable for all kinds of place environment, table valves can do waterproof treatment, in wet environment or underwater work, DN40-DN300 can choose battery powered pilot valve or choose electric butterfly valve or electric ball valve, specially designed to be larger. For the caliber, the water meter adopts the dry type water meter of the export level, the wet water meter, the ultrasonic water meter, or other flow meter, The way to swipe the card is one card, or a multi card.


1. The caliber of water meter shall be based on the size of the pipeline and the usual used water flow is no more than common flow of the water meter; and the installation location shall be avoided insulation , flooding, freezing and pollution, and convenient for installation, removing and reading data. 
2. The sands and stones and other sundries in the pipeline, such as hemp thread shall be cleaned firstly in Case of water meter breakdown. 
3. Please leave enough space for repairing, and installation according to water flow direction on the pipe and should be installed horizontally. 
4. Please do not apply too much force when Connecting the water meter and pipe, to avoid damaging the meter body and leakage. 
5.If the water meter is installed on the inlet of the boiler, shall install check valve on the outlet of water to prevent the return current of hot water and steam from damaging the water meter.


1.The water meter should be far away from high temperature, high humidity and high magnetic environment
2.Don’t hide with metal objects, according to the specifications.
3.It’s strictly forbidden to dismantle the table privately, otherwise the consequences will be conceited.
4.Our company will optimize products according to the situation every year, and we can't inform customers one by one. Our company has the right of final interpretation of product functions.
5.If you have any problem, please connect us, we will solve it as soon as possible. Thank you.



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