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    Juling Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a smart metering company focusing on water/heat/gas/electricity metering field. Juling Instrument mainly produces ultrasonic water meter, prepaid water meter, heat meter, large caliber water meter, gas meter and electricity meter. Juling Instrument serves GPRS/CDMA remote transmission monitoring products, Lora/NB-lot Internet of things instruments, remote transmission electric valve, heating control equipments, direct water drinking water dispenser and other equipments. And the remote charging system developed by Juling Instrument is well know in many countries since its solved the big challenge on establishing the physical vending station. The company has 25 R & D personnel (the hardware R & D team is composed of the former HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES 、ZTE Corporation、 MI senior elite, the software team is also formed by the mature personnel of more than ten years of development), the staff of 200, the annual production of all kinds of instruments 1 million 500 thousand, the area of the factory area 60 mu, an area of 30 thousand square meters, equipped with domestic first-class production and testing equipment, equipped with advanced frequency detection equipment, used for quality inspection of the products of the Internet of things. The SMT patch system put into the new factory area can produce the main board on its own. The company has complete formalities, of which all kinds of water meter formalities reach DN200 or 300 caliber, heat meter formalities reach DN300 and through durability test and several provinces and cities record, gas meter explosion proof qualification certificate production procedures, various forms of sanitary and epidemic prevention and IP68 waterproof report, CE, ISO9000, 18000, 14000, export procedures, And FCC test report in the United States.



Juling Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


TELPHONE:+86 15530343385


ADD:XuJiaZhuang Industrial Park QiaoXi District ZhangJiaKou China

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